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August 4, 2010
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
This story contains Vore.  If you are offended, do not read this.
Written: 8/4/10
Laura rubbed her eyes and she slammed her laptop shut.

"Done!" she said aloud to no one in particular.

Laura leaned back in her chair, stretching out into a yawn.  Her chest heaved as the material of her shirt strained and creaked against the massiveness of her bust.  Smacking her lips, she grabbed her diet coke from off of her desk coaster.  Swirling the can around, she determined that there was only about a mouthful of drink left.  She tipped her chair backwards and tossed the last few drops of her coke back, teasing the brown bubbly liquid with her tongue before swallowing.  Palming the now empty can, her eyes turned to the trashcan against the wall by the door of her office.  With a precise toss, the can went flying, end over end towards the trash bin.

Slightly short, Laura thought with a grimace as the bottom of the can hit the near side of the rim.  However, the can's momentum carried it up over the top and it clunked heavily on the bottom of the trashcan.  Nodding with satisfaction, she leaned back in her chair.

I should've been in the WNBA, she thought to herself.  Closing her eyes in quiet contentment, she allowed herself to crack a smile.  But hey, she thought, it didn't end up so badly this way.

Laura's growling stomach brought her back to reality.

Laura rubbed her grumbling belly as she looked around at her immediate surrounds for something to snack on.

Her office, while lavishly decorated and beautifully furnished, did not offer up any solutions to her hunger problem.  Other than a decorative plant, nothing looked even remotely tasty.  I'll take a walk to the vending machine; there must be something there that will hold me over Laura thought to herself.  She pushed her chair away from her desk and stood slowly, taking a deep breath as she did so.  She fiddled in her desk drawer for some change before she started walking toward the door, pivoting on corner of her desk with her hand as she came around it.  Her clicking heels, while sounding quiet and manageable on the tile floor of her office sounded positively booming as she stepped out into the hallway of her office building.  No sneaking up on anyone with these babies, that's for sure, she thought with a grimace.  Though the deep maroon shoes matched her dress suit beautifully, they felt clunky and unnatural on her feet.  In all honesty, Laura hated wearing shoes when she didn't have to, but the firm wouldn't have been too keen on a barefooted partner.

Laura was a senior partner at the law firm where she worked.  Marks Dyson and Brentworth handled 500 major cases a year and employed over 60 people, from maintenance workers to legal assistants.  Her office, as a senior partner was on the third floor next to Brian Marks' own.  Laura Dyson, or simply Miss Dyson, along with Margaret Brentworth and Brian Marks ran one of the most successful law firms in the city.  Laura enjoyed the success that she brought to herself and her firm.  However successful she was and however much she loved the work, she loved food and women more.  She'd been living the boring life of a law student with a love for food and women until one day she decided to combine the two, devouring one of her sorority sisters after a chocolate pudding wrestling match at the sorority house.  The two of them had gone up to shower off and Laura had come back clean and looking like she was 8 months pregnant with quintuplets.  People had suspicions of where Melinda Brewer had gone, but no one voiced them and after Laura had digested the evidence, Melinda was been forgotten. Melinda's disappearance was chocked up as a tragic freak accident.  Laura graduated with distinction and began her law career, but her love of swallowing women whole had stayed with her, long dormant until she'd swallowed her neighbor Paula the week before.  Now her palette had been whetted, and she found herself sizing other women up wherever she went to.  Walking through the mall looking to replace the running clothes she'd ruined eating Paula, she'd caught the eye of a very chesty, attractive store clerk at JC Penney.  What the clerk didn't know was that Laura was imaging how she'd taste.  The clerk looked at her and winked, to which Laura responded with a lavish, hungering lip lick.  Laura handed her one of her business cards with a sensual "call me" written on the back in purple.  Laura met the young clerk "Gwen" at home later that night, where after hours of hot lesbian sex, Laura swallowed the sexy vixen whole.  Gwen had been the best tasting woman she'd swallowed by far, and she filled up her stomach better than Paula had.  Laura had lain in bed, rubbing her swollen stomach for hours after she'd swallowed Gwen, even after the thrashing had stopped and the churning of digestion had begun.  Laura felt a warmth radiating from her big belly as she enjoyed her meal, and she longed to feel that warmth again.

But not here, there's no way I could eat one of my staffers and no one would notice, Laura thought to herself.  With a staff as small as her company's, people would notice if you were gone for an hour.  Laura snorted with resignation as she walked down the tiled hall.  All these tasty morsels and not one are for me.  Laura rounded a corner and her eyes lit up as she saw the vending machine against the wall in the elevator lobby.  The gloriousness of all that glowing food behind the glass taunted her as she approached.  Though as she walked the last yards, a grimy feeling came over her, and suddenly she realized she hadn't washed her hands since lunch.  Immediately pivoting on her left foot toward the women's restroom, she reached out her hand to push the door open as she walked through it.


Laura's face slammed full tilt into the door.  The door had refused to budge more than a few inches before it struck a solid object and refused to move further.  The message that the door hadn't completely opened took less than a second to reach her brain from her right hand.  Unfortunately for Laura, her nose came to that conclusion first.  Laura stumbled back from the door a few steps in a daze and was barely able to retain her balance.  From inside the closed bathroom, she heard rustling and scraping, punctuated by the occasional "oh shit".

From inside the bathroom, there was one final scrape before the door creaked open.  Framed in the door's opening was Marisol, one the housekeeping staff, swearing until she laid eyes upon Laura.  Her horrified expression matched the tone of her voice.

"Oh, I'm s-s-o sorry Miss Dyson," Marisol stammered, her voice quavering in a mixture of horror and fear.

Laura blinked and shook her head, hoping to clear the trauma-induced fog.  She seemed to be speaking from far away when she spoke to Marisol, but her ears were able to make out "…m fine."

Laura hoped she'd said something reassuring and the look on Marisol's face seemed somewhat soothed.  Good help was hard to find and Marisol was a hard worker.  Probably a millimeter over 5'6", she had flowing, slightly curled hair of deep brown, almost black in appearance, shapely long legs, a firm round ass and an ample DD cup breasts.  Her long hair framed her light brown face, her almond shaped eyes almost as deep brown as her hair.  Her eyebrows and nose formed a natural curve that seemed to point down towards her supple lips, currently a dark shade of red.  Her form was complimented by her tight khaki skirt that went to her knees and her button up maroon work shirt, almost the same color as Laura's dress suit and shoes, except for being a few shades darker.  In her late 20's, Marisol's stunning beauty would've looked at home on the front cover of a glamour magazine, yet here she was, cleaning out the female restroom on the third floor of a law office.  Laura had ensured they got paid twice minimum wage, making her the champion of the blue-collar workforce of her building.  Every one of the support staff knew who she was and that was something in and of itself; 80% of the house staff would have trouble identifying Brian Marks or Margaret Brentworth in a lineup.

Marisol held the outer door open for Laura as she stepped through it.  Laura noticed the cleaning cart, which was the likely culprit for blocking the door, sitting against one wall in the vestibule room.  Laura walked over and opened the inner door for Marisol who walked through it with a smile as she blushed at Laura.  Laura walked in behind her, and took the opportunity to check out Marisol's round ass.  No lines means no panties, Laura thought to herself, clearly amused with her reasoning skills.  Laura went over to one sink and turned on the water and began to lather her hands.  Marisol walked to the sink to Laura's right and turned the water on to what she thought was a trickle.  Marisol, perhaps in her nervous fear or her clumsiness after her adrenaline rush turned the knob full blast.  The irregular, bowl shape sink blasted water onto Marisol's shirt and skirt, to which she screamed in alarm before laughing at herself.  Laura tried to stifle her laughter, but some inevitably got out and they both eventually were laughing Marisol's wet (and clinging) shirt.

Laura's laughter subsided and she toweled off her hands.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Marisol looking at Laura's breasts, almost fixated.  Laura wadded up the damp paper towel and dropped it into the trash before turning on heel to look into Marisol's eyes.

"Do you like them?" Laura asked, sliding her hands from her waist tracing up and onto her breasts where she gave them a loving squeeze.

"Yes Ma'am." Marisol managed to say after a moment of thoughtful hesitation.

"You want to see them?  I'll show you mine if you show me yours."  Laura said sensually.  Her daring spurred by the fact that there were more breasts in the third floor female restroom than there were people in the entire building.

Marisol's  "I'd love to" was partly muffled by her pulling her shirt off over her head.  Her damp skin glistened in the artificial light of the bathroom and the warm yellow light sharply contrasted with her black lace bra, which was delightfully too small, leaving a great deal pouring out the top of her cups, giving her generous cleavage.  Laura's coat was already unbuttoned and on the floor as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, starting at the topmost button.  With each button released, the material pulled apart to reveal at first just skin, which gradually led to pitch dark cleavage due to Laura squeezing her breasts together.  Eventually the tight shirt was completely unbuttoned and thrown into a wad on the floor.  The two women stood in silence in bra's and skirts, admiring each other's beauty.

Laura broke the silence first, "Bras off.  Same time."

They both reached behind their backs, like gunslingers in a western, looking to draw their weapons on each other.  They both unclasped their bras in unison and in seconds, both were in their respective piles of clothing.  Marisol's wide eyed stare spoke volumes, while Laura was more focused on shape rather than size.  Marisol's breasts were big and still delightfully perky, each pleasure mound capped with a dark nipple, each about a big around as an old silver dollar coin.  They approached each other, their breasts pressing together as they embraced.  They kissed, gently at first, then with more passion as Laura snaked her tongue into Marisol's mouth.  Laura felt Marisol's nipples harden against her skin and broke their embrace to cup Marisol's breasts in her hands, took the right breast in shoved that nipple into her mouth.  Marisol's moans echoed in the bathroom as Laura licked lightly and sucked with her lips.  Thoroughly enjoying Marisol's moaning and pleasure spasms, Laura had a voice cut through her thoughts, like a knife of ice slicing through her warm sensation.

She tastes good, the voice whispered.  Imagine what the rest of her tastes like.

Laura was overcome with desire as she spun Marisol around to face the mirror above the two bathroom sinks.  Laura bent down and traced her tongue from Marisol's waist up to her shoulder, ending with a wet, sloppy kiss on her neck.  She reached under Marisol's arms, and smiled as Marisol moaned to Laura cupping and squeezing one of Marisol's breasts in each hand.

The voice called again She tastes good.  Are you going to let her get away?

As Laura licked Marisol's neck, her stomach groaned loudly, her belly gurgling in empty agony.  Laura gave Marisol's breasts one final loving squeeze, and began running her hands down Marisol's sides, stopping at Marisol's waist.  Laura grabbed Marisol's wrists as she ground her own hips against Marisol's round bubble butt, causing Laura to moan softly in pleasure.  Marisol's eyes rolled back into her head and she bit her lower lip in ecstasy.  

"No," Laura growled aloud.  Marisol never saw it coming.

Laura's lips and teeth clamped shut on Marisol's neck.  Marisol started to thrash, but her arms were properly restrained by Laura's own and Laura took a swallow.  The *gulping* sound echoed in the tiny space of the bathroom, along with Marisol's muffled cries.  Laura gulped again, up to Marisol's shoulders now, with Marisol's breasts in full view.  Laura admired how beautifully they jiggled as Marisol thrashed and she took another large gulp, her tongue tracing along Marisol's back as she slid into Laura's mouth.  Marisol's breasts were fully inside Laura's mouth now, but were pressed into Laura's cheeks.  Laura took this opportunity to gently chew on Marisol's breasts with her molars, noticing how Marisol paused her thrashing to, perhaps enjoy the sensation.  Laura took another huge gulp and was up to Marisol's tight belly.  With only Marisol's hands sticking out of Laura's gaping maw, Laura could safely let them go.  Marisol's fingers still twitched, opening and closing into fists, hoping to grab onto something.  Laura's free hands unzipped Marisol's skirt and pushed it down Marisol's legs as far as she could before swallowing again, dragging her teeth across Marisol's tight stomach.  Stopping at Marisol's waist, Laura was able to pick up Marisol (what was left of her) and rest her ass on the counter, her legs propped against the wall.  Laura swallowed again, taking Marisol's tight ass and clean shaved pussy into her mouth.  Laura deliberately licked Marisol's ass, as much for sexual pleasure as for taste.  Laura swallowed again, sucking up more of Marisol's legs, which were still kicking sporadically.  Laura could feel Marisol's head and shoulders entering her hungry tummy, starting to stretch and fill with the delicious Latin meal.  Laura swallow the last bit of Marisol's luscious thighs and felt a heavy thud as more of Marisol's body slid down her hungry gullet.  Not wanting to deny her hunger any longer, Laura positioned Marisol's feet flat against the wall.  Relaxing her jaw, Laura started to walk forward, allowing the wall to push the rest of Marisol's legs into Laura's mouth.  Laura pulled off Marisol's skirt and dropped it into the sink, then plucked off each of her shoes and dropped them into the sink as well  Laura stepped back from the wall, loving rubbing her huge swollen belly as she gulped Marisol's feet down.

Laura leaned against the back wall of the bathroom and slumped to the ground, spreading her legs to let her hugely full belly rest on the floor.  The last of Marisol's legs and feet had entered her stomach now, which was jiggling violently.  Laura smiled at her belly as she rubbed it gently, her appetite satisfied as the thrashing slowed down to just a kick here and there before stopping completely.  Laura's belly gurgled in anticipation of a delicious meal, as Laura lay back, her massive breasts resting on top of her even bigger belly, sighing contently.  Laura let out a large burp, and patted her stretched stomach in sumptuous satisfaction.  I can rest here as long as I need to, Laura thought to herself, it's Friday.  Laura drifted off to a light sleep listening to her stomach sloshing and gurgling to work on Marisol.

Laura's massive growling and churning stomach and the pile of clothes were the only evidence left of the deed done.

This is my second Vore story involving our perpetually hungry heroine, Laura Dyson (She didn't have a last name before, but she's the same woman, trust me).

This is about her running into Marisol in the women's restroom.

2831 words.

Total of about 30 minutes of planning, 45 minutes of writing and 15 minutes of correction/HTML. I also invented some elements on the fly. I wish I could draw this out, but I'm sticking to what I'm good at.


I'm open to suggestions for story ideas. Even a small hint or theme can get my wheels turning. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Dedicated to Lula. Thank you for convincing me I like this kind of thing.
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